Our Story

   Knight's call started off with the intention to provide skin care for London's daughter and himself. Both ailed with chronic dry skin because of eczema, their skin needed a product that would nourish and protect it. While not having the best results with "big brand" lotions and creams, London decided to try out shea and cocoa butters that he saw being sold in his neighborhood around Brooklyn. The butters had the long lasting effects he desired but was not easily applicable without heat being added so he looked into ways to soften it.

   This led into him researching and coming across the wonderful benefits of essential oils and the existence of other butters. He found out that not only could he whip the butters using these oils but it added to the amount of vitamins and minerals that would be provided. London was on his way to creating what is now known as "Alil Sumsum" body butter". Deciding to blend shea and mango butter for their diverse effects and combined consistencies was what worked best as a base for protection against sun burns, chronic dryness, and natural UV protection.

   Alil Sumsum Body Butter was then born. The last component was creating a scent for added enjoyment. Thinking of his wife and daughter London sought after a fragrance that would be an ode to them. After trying out a variety of pairings he landed on the combination that included notes of vanilla and licorice scented oils. This lead to the first scent "Ashalea", pronounced (Ah-sha-lee), to being added to the Alil Sumsum line. Happy to hear compliments about his glowing skin and alluring scent lead to inquiries of where to purchase what he was wearing from the public and co-workers.

   London decided to meet the demand of his product by starting production of a small batch for sale. He was met with positive and constructive feedback which led to him making a range of scents and different butter combinations for diverse skin types. "Sayless" and "Pon De Earth" body butter were created as well as different products including "The Monster" and "The Angel". 

   The last big decision was to name his overall brand. London thought of this whole venture as a calling by his loved ones, something that could benefit his family in their daily lives. Being family centered he wanted to honor his family name and landed on the name, "Knight's Call". Each product is intended to be strong enough for a working adult yet nourishing enough for a baby. Now London works with his wife, Victoria, for inspiration for future items or improvement on current ones. 

 Thank you to everyone for being a part of our journey. I also would like to give a special thanks to the pieces of my heart Cynthia (Mom), Peter (Dad), Victoria (Wife), and Zola (daughter), I owe the world to you. -L